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summary of the 6 countries that have qualified for knockout stage in the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Below is the summary of the 6 countries that have qualified for knockout stage in the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 

Out of the 32 countries participating in the group stage,  it is expected that 16 countries will emerge to the knockout stage,  with two countries qualifying from each group.

As at 23rd of June,  2018, the groups which are made of  8groups, with 4 countries in each and a total of 32 countries  in number can boost of a total of 6 countries that have already qualified.

The summary of these 6 countries that have qualified for knockout stage in the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup including their groups are listed below.

Group A

In group A, the host country  Russia and Uruguay have both qualified with a total points of 6points each to the knockout stage.

So in their next match,  whether they win or loose,  they don’t have anything to worry about.

Group C

In group C,  it is only France with 6 points that have qualified. But the chances are there for either Denmark or Australia to qualify depending on the outcome of their next game.

Denmark has 4 points,  so if they could win or draw their next game,  then they will progress with France to the knockout stage but if they loose and Australia wins with good goal difference then possibilities are there that Australia will join France to progress to the next stage.

Group D

Croatia who defeated the Super Eagles of Nigeria and Argentina are currently the only country that has qualified so far from group D with 6 points.

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The remaining 3 countries has equal chances of qualifying with Croatia to the knockout stage.  All depends on the outcome of their next match,  although Nigeria is second on the table with 3 points and can only join Croatia to the knockout stage if and only if they win or draw Argentina in their next and final group D game on Tuesday.

Group F

The Mexicans have already qualified with 6 points after beating Germany and Sweden in their last two games.  So whether they loose or win their next game,  they are already at the knockout stage.

So the two countries that will now fight for the second position is Germany and Sweden. Whoever wins the next and final game of group F,  automatically moves with Mexico to the round of 16.

Group G

In group G,  it is only Belgium who have qualified with 6points and whether they win or loose their next match,  they will still be in the knockout stage.

The remaining 3 countries in group G have same equal chances of qualifying,  depending on the outcome of their next game but with England having the highest probability of qualifying.


The group B,  E and H are yet to produce a country who will proceed to the knockout stage.


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